Henna Kings – A man and his chameleon



Pascal is the coolest (and only) chameleon I know, his bro owner (browner?) is equally as cool, minus the scales. (But you never know these days, ahem Illuminati, ahem! )

David and Pascal have hosted numerous flim nites where they opened my eyes to some of the greatest and most questionable creators known to the film industry. Their abode is perfect for such activities because with visually stimulating buddies like Pascal and Bob the curious turtle, I never fall asleep during slow parts of a film.

One time we went out to a Flim Nite dedicated to The Fifth Element, the evening consisted of fabulously unique artistic interpretations of TFE. It was a great idea for me to turn up to interpretations of a film I had not seen yet as the evening  was a build up of suspense to watch The Fifth Element.

The following week, we gathered at Davids to watch the film and got our henna on whilst watching the unusual events unfold onscreen. Safe to say the performances from TFE Flim Nite all fell into place when Diva Plavalaguna slayed the opera hall. Yep, everything made perfect sense then…

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-02 at 14.55.40
Chillin like a mother footer





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