Didsbury Art Festival – Shaving horses is not the answer

Didsbury Arts Festival bought us an exciting showcase of some of the best short films released in the past year. 90% of the times I have been to a cinema to see a film, I have fallen asleep because I get too comfortable. However, with short films, the duration and fast pace keeps me interested, alert and awake, making it more exciting for me!

I went with these two slammers (we played a card game called SLAM which is a 20170628_200934serious test of reaction speed). Fun fact about these slammers: if you leave them with a brain teaser called The Slowest Race, by the time you get back from a quick trip to the toilet, they will have proudly decided to shave their horses. Shaving horses is not the answer and does not help. You can find the riddle at the bottom of this page if you want to have a go.

Slammer-peace-sign enjoyed a film called the Mapmaker most, Slammer-wave-a-lot says they also enjoyed The Mapmaker most, even though she missed a crucial scene, then was confused as to why everybody was crying. HMMM keep waving, slam punk. Personally, But Milk Is Important stood out to me most…

The Slowest Race

One day a really rich old man with two sons died. In his will he said that he would give one of his sons all of his fortune. He gave each of his sons a horse and said they would compete in a horse race from Los Angeles to Sacramento, but the son whose horse came in second would get the money. So one day they started the race. After one whole day they had only ridden one mile. At night they decided they should stop at a hotel.
While they were booking in they told their problem to the wise old clerk, who made a suggestion. The next day the two brothers rode as fast as they could. What did the clerk suggest that they do?




      • I’m glad to say that I didn’t!
        But did have to read it through a couple of times until I spotted the line about the horse coming in second.

        I love riddles and will definitely be trying this one on my friends, so thank you for sharing it!

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