Doing Dementia Differently – The Elephant in the Room

EDUCATE Stockport held an event at the Stockport Plaza to celebrate the achievements of people living with dementia, touching stories unfolded through films, talks, music and poems.

IMG_2215The Elephant is often used as a symbol of Dementia Awareness for a few different reasons. One reason coming from the term ‘elephant in the room’ for when something is obvious but being ignored. An elephant is a huge animal which is hard to miss yet we have to work hard to notice ‘The Elephant’ early on. An early diagnosis can help with getting the right treatments, finding support and to plan ahead. Elephants are also known to have incredible memories which they use to memorise watering holes, manage herds, differentiate between humans, and to paint! (cool video of elephant painting)

Before the show started, there were some colourful images projected onto a big screen and I spotted this cheeky image which had ‘henna flowers’ written under it which caught my eye. They must have been expecting me…




Pleasant sunset on my way home




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