Ice Breaker

I was out with some lovely ladies who regularly trust me to practice henna on them which has been great, every volunteer has helped to build my confidence as a henna artist.

On a cold winters day, we entered a typical Mancunian bar; warm, cosy, busy with some sweet tunes playing in the background. As we sat down and got ready to draw on each other, I realised that I forgot to get some water from the bar and we all felt far too lazy to walk 15 feet back to the bar. I need water when doing henna to keep the paste in control and to manipulate the pattern if I need to. Eventually, we did not walk 15 feet, we stayed seated and were resourceful with what we already had. Ladies and gentlemen..

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 20.42.17
Ice Breaker

A true friend will hold a container with an ice cube over a candle until it melts so that we can all remain seated, hooray 🙂

Do not be alarmed by the First Aid kit, I was using it at the time to carry my henna supplies or as somebody else explained it – “First aid because a bit of henna heals all.”




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